Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University

Vision & Mission


An Internationally recognized University for excellence in creating and disseminating knowledge through value based quality education in Technology, Management, Agricultural and Liberal Education leading to betterment of mankind. We aim to provide the best all round education and educational opportunities to our students. We envisage that every seed sown be nurtured with complete care and dedication which flourishes it into a giant tree. We prepare students with an technology oriented education for their bright and prosperous future.

  • To prepare students with an integrated and technology oriented education for a better career & to be worthy citizens of a global society.
  • To provide the best all-round education it is possible to obtain.
  • To provide great educational opportunities.


  • To excel in various disciplines of Education.
  • To encourage research and development in various department.
  • To create life changing opportunities that lead to strong careers.
  • To maintain the delivery of high quality academic programs through constant evaluation and upgrading.
  • Have excellent teaching, learning and individual support.
  • Offer a broad, challenging curriculum which supports successful progression to advanced level and beyond.
  • Nurture independence, resilience and joy for learning in all our students.
  • To ensure effective implementation of the curriculum through latest teaching learning practices.
  • To equip students with necessary skills and competencies for better employability.
  • To provide a free environment to the students for a frank expression of ideas.
  • To promote the rule of Law, Merit, Discipline, Selflessness, integrity, objectivity, openness, honesty & high ethical standards amongest the students.

Committed to produce trained and professional manpower competent and responsive to the challenges of a dynamic and vibrant society.

We quip each student to live a purposeful life.

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